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About Me

picture of Hongjing Grace Yu

Hongjing Yu (Grace Yu) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (R.TCMP) and Acupuncturist (R.Ac). Boasting over thirty years of clinical experience and an academic background in both Western and Traditional Chinese medicine, Grace has developed a high level of expertise in treating a breadth of different health conditions.


After six years of rigorous training, Grace graduated as the top student in her year from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor of Science in Chinese Medicine (B.Sc), making her qualified to practice as a medical doctor in China. She then trained and studied to attain a Master of Science in Chinese Medicine (M.Sc) over the next three years. Thanks to the university's unique position as one of China's oldest and most reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) institutions, she had many opportunities throughout her nine years of schooling to study and work directly under doctors renowned in the field.

After two more years of working as a lecturer, physician, and researcher at the Beijing Union University College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Grace sought new horizons and took a leap of faith by moving to Japan. There, she conducted research at Hiroshima University, where she ultimately received her Ph.D. in Western Medicine. Many of her research papers have been published in prolific international medical journals and conferences.

In 1998, Grace immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, where she continued to perform medical research at the University of Toronto. During this time, she also opened her very own clinic for TCM and acupuncture. After five years in Toronto, Grace and her family relocated to Sarnia — as is the story for many community members, her husband was an engineer who was attracted by the area's bustling petrochemical industry.


In Sarnia, Grace re-established her clinic and quickly built a name for herself, seeing patients from across Sarnia-Lambton, Chatham-Kent, London-Middlesex, and Michigan. Her clinic, which has been proudly housed in Sarnia for nearly 20 years, offers treatments that address pain management, infertility, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and more. Her infertility-related services have a notably high success rate.

When not in the office, Grace can be found enjoying long walks by the Bluewater Bridge, taking photos on the nature trails she frequents, and acting as a full-time mother to her two daughters.

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